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Frequently asked questions

Schedule and tickets
All participants must buy their tickets online prior to the event. The schedule and tickets are available here: tickets. No tickets sold on site.
Conditions and age restriction
All participants must read and sign our Waiver and Release Form as a condition to play. Players under 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent to allow them to play. Sign the waiver online
Equipment supplied by The Force Academy™
  • Illuminated Saber (adult or kid-size)
  • Protective eyewear
All you need to show up with
Active clothing, running shoes and a lock. Common sense and the desire to play! Note: Personal or third party equipment is prohibited in the arena
Do I need to find a team to play?
Absolutely not! Even if you are one or two players, you will play with those having purchased a ticket in the same timeslot.
Game capacity
There are 20 available spots per time slot. The minimum capacity is 4 players. Should the minimum number of players not be attained in a time slot, Force Academy reserves the right to make arrangements with the partcipants to enter a different timeslot. If no other timeslot is suitable to the participant, we will issue you a full refund on your ticket.

Customer Service:

Monday-Friday 10:00AM-9:00PM
Saturday-Sunday 10:00AM-6:00PM

Phone : +1 (514) 316-7278
Email: [email protected]
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The Force Academy™ games and events:

No tickets sold on site.
All participants must buy their tickets online prior to the event.

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Head office:

By appointment only.

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